"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain".


During my retreats i always explore and share tools to aid one in learning how to dance in the rain...


In my sessions I draw upon my experiences of Dance, Healing Arts, Hatha and Acroyoga. A soft and gentle approach will guide you through your practice so you can flow with love, devotion and surrender.


Allowing you to release and let go of tensions and habitual patterns that hold you back from your true nature - full of love and at peace with yourself.


The style of the classes is mainly Hatha flow, but I may include circle ceremonies, partner flow, therapeutic flying and thai massage.


I will guide you through your practice with emphasis on Bhakti so you can flow with love, devotion and surrender.


AcroYoga has been a true blessing in my life, it is a truly beautiful practice that purifies my soul and reignites my spirit. I am open with my heart to share this with the world and help others to feel the beauty of flight and light.


Acroyoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of Acrobatics, and the loving wisdom of thai massage.


These three elements form a unique practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness. From this place amazing physical shapes can be formed and emotional spiritual transformations can occur. From this place of mutual support the true self can be realized, celebrated and shared for the benefit of all.


For more information on Yamuna Devi please visit - www.yamflow.com. Photo by Wari Om.