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Inspirasjon - å bryte ned Yogastereotypen

Tror du Yoga kun er for en viss type mennesker? Tro om igjen :) Yoga er for absolutt alle, og nedenfor finner du noen inspirerende mennesker som viser akkurat dette ♥

Dana Falsetti:

"Here I am in this body, that I felt like limited me my entire life, and I am on my yoga mat doing things that I didn't think were possible. That caused a huge paradigm shift, it started getting me to question what are all the things in my life that I've wanted to do, or that I'm passionate about, or that would make me happy, that I haven't been doing just because I've told myself that I couldn't."

Arthur Boorman:

«Never underestimate what you can accomplish, when you believe in youself. Never give up.»

Tao Porchon Lynch:

"Don’t say I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes."

MJ, Charlie, Marc II, Lord Veda, Carl, og Adam:

"Yoga is the full package for me. It has everything that I need. It brings in flexibility, the strength, the balance, the awareness of self, the calmness of mind, the focus."

"Some men think that Yoga makes you less of a man. The truth is it makes you a better one."

Det beste med Yoga er at nettopp alle kan gjøre det.

Finn en klasse som passer for akkurat deg ♥

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